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On Fire Systems
On Fire Systems

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On Fire Chiropractic Marketing and Practice Systems

What do you get in the On Fire Systems...

1) A step-by-step SYSTEM to plan, launch, and run, your practice INCLUDES easy to implement scripting, the most common patient questions and concerns and how to answer them, intake forms and the best way to use them, patient letters and how to fit them into your current practice and so much more. 

2) You will also receive 8 Internal marketing programs proven to get bodies in the door, 15 patient letters, 9 external new patient marketing letters, and 12 Ready to use Press Releases to stimulate referrals, re-activation, and increase care plan compliance. This module is so valuable; it could be a stand-alone program. Seriously, just this segment is worth the price of the program and will dramatically increase profits. 

3) A simple, non-confrontational strategy to generate dozens of referrals - This system gets an additional new patient or two with almost every new patient that walks through your door! Are you new to practice or opening in a new town? DO NOT open your door before this strategy is put in place; it's AMAZING! This strategy alone is worth the price of the program. To jump start or restart, this is a MUST DO! 

4) 25 OFFICE FORM TEMPLATES: These forms took years to develop and will create a professional, organized pre and post system for every patient that walks through your front door. You're not only going to look state-of-the-art, your practice will be state-of-the-art. 

5) Here's A SIMPLE way to Guarantee that you will Maximize your Income with each new patient: inform, teach, and recommend products and services that are appropriate, helpful, and healthy for each patient's health and wellness. You'll have the perfect form to use in a scripted ROF. The sales pitch is out; Informative, logical, and individualized service and product recommendation is in! 

6) Learn the MOST important question you can ask your patients... This has been researched by Harvard Business School and has been proven to be the most critical piece of information we can learn from our patients about our practices.

7) Find out HOW to CREATE a STABLE and CONSISTANT MONTHLY INCOME How would you like to be assured, from month to month, that your income will increase, even on day 1 of each and every month? My program will change how you see your practice and your bank account! I'm not kidding. 

8) Learn the ONE Thing that your patients will buy from you as a chiropractor, and it's not your chiropractic services or support products. Learn how to change your language to connect with the one thing that will result in patient lifetime value and substantial increases in income while patient resistance dramatically decreases.

***The images are a few samples of forms and pages throughout our system. There are 100's of pages of information contained in the On Fire System and these samples are just to give you a small idea of the content and quality.