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Massage chairs that can be enjoyed at home.
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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Osaki OS-Pro Maxim ~ Save $1700

Save $1700 at Checkout ~ The Osaki Pro Maxim is equipped with a total of 22 airbags making it one of the most efficient and reliable air massaging systems in the industry.

Our Price: $4,999.00
Titan Pro Summit Titan Pro Summit ~ Save $3100

Save $3100 at Checkout

Our Price: $7,395.00
Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan ~ Save $3000

Save $3000 at Checkout ~ The Osaki Pro has taken the art of massage to new heights, implementing 4D technology along with other incredible new and innovative features.

Our Price: $9,999.00