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AJUVIA Back Vitalizer
AJUVIA Back Vitalizer

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Back Vitalizer Ergonomic Cushion: Sit More Comfortable, Have More Energy, Be More Productive!

The first and only clinically tested ergonomic cushion proven to instantly reduce back pain in over 91% of users that fits seamlessly into your daily life. A bestseller for over a decade, Back Vitalizer is Ajuvia’s flagship product, made from Premium material, a luxurious perforated coated canvas and 3D breathable fabric, it is a bold statement of our mission to create the world’s finest back wellness products.

Seventeen years in the making, Back Vitalizer has been tirelessly updated through more than twelve consecutive versions each with significant material and/or design improvements inspired by applications and feedback of over 230,000 chronic lower back pain patients and 2,500 licensed lower back pain specialists from New York to London making it the most refined and recommended product of its kind.

Having to go through 55 individual stages of manual production and quality assurance before meeting the Ajuvia standard, Back Vitalizer uses proprietary intelligent air-cell technology rather than conventional rigid materials giving it best in class performance, elegance and durability.

Unlike common back supports, Back Vitalizer not only helps support your back, but also helps you …

  • strengthen your lower back
  • improve your core stability
  • enhance circulation in your lower back
  • exercise your functional balance
  • sit actively and remain alert at work
  • relieves pressure on your tail bone
  • Have the benefits of a Stability ball everywhere you go
    • Core training
    • Posture training
    • Balance training
    • Mental benefits
      • ADHD relief
      • Focus/Alertness

Unlike common Swiss ball chairs, swivel seats or stability balls, Back Vitalizer not only helps you sit actively, but also helps you …

  • support your lumbar curvature
  • improve your sitting posture
  • prevent slouching
  • reduce and prevent lower back pain

Unlike common fixed use products Back Vitalizer offer and delivers its functions at an entirely different level by …

  • Adjustable to any specific amount of support you need,
  • Versatile to fit any seating environment, whether its your office chair, couch, airplane seat or the bucket seat in your car, the adjustable straps let you upgrade any chair/seat anywhere, anytime.
  • Conforming to any individual body curves and shapes,

And, unlike common mono-use products, Back Vitalizer offer and delivers the functions and benefits of 5 entirely different products …

  • active sitting seat
  • posture wedge
  • lumbar support
  • back stretcher
  • tail bone cushion
  • balance trainer

The Back Vitalizer Advantages, what sets Back Vitalizer apart…

  • Upgrades any seat into a premium custom ergonomic chair, conforming to fit the unique curves of your back, reducing stress and improving your sitting posture
  • Intelligent lumbar support moves with you, the patented air cell technology allows the Back Vitalizer to adjust its support in real time as you move, twist, turn or lean in your seat.
  • Fits seamlessly into your daily life. have a posture and core trainer, and lumbar support cushion everywhere you go.
  • Adjustable level of support or placement of support on your back.
  • Travel ready and portable. The Back Vitalizer can be deflated and folded to easily fit in carry on luggage to get you where you’re going in comfort.
  • Fits bodies of all sizes, genders and ages.
  • Clinically proven: Only device of its kind to use clinically proven technology to reduce pain with 91% of patients
  • Better posture without dedicating time or mental/physical energy. Core and posture training as you go about your daily life!
  • Improves quality of life and saves money, the Back Vitalizer costs less than a single visit to a massage therapist!
  • Active sitting, avoid negative outcomes from sitting (sitting is the new smoking)
  • Transform your work station into a therapy/fitness station.
  • You can be confident in
    • The Results (Endorsed by over 2500 specialists)
    • The Back Vitalizer will look appropriate in the board room or your sports car

Back Vitalizer is trusted by over 2500 back pain specialists, 230’000 of their patients, but also by leading organizations such as:

Lockheed Martin, Ontario Provincial Police Association, Work Safe BC, UC Davis, BC Hydro, Suncor Energy, Wawanesa Insurance, Fist Bus, Bruce Power, and others!

Back Vitalizer: Always exactly what you need it to be. Effective yet elegant, strong yet supple, multifunctional yet not compromised. In your car, in your office, at home, or even on board of airplanes. Helping your body better rejuvenate itself wherever you put it to use. Made from premium eco-friendly polyurethane materials, the Back Vitalizer can support over 300 lb for 10’000 hours of daily use while maintaining its structural integrity.

Sit on it, it’s an effective Swiss Ball chair that doesn’t force you to the wrong height alignment with your desk.

Put it behind your lower back, and voilà! it’s a most effective back relief remedy in the world for soothing and protecting your lower back from stress and pressures, aches and pains, and premature fatigue, regardless whether you are driving thousands of miles in a car or working in front of a computer many hours in a roll.

“Back Vitalizer is the best product of its kind that I have seen in my 20 years of practice.” – Dr. James Cassilo, NY

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 17 1/2" W x 13 1/4" D x (0.4”-3.0”) H

Weight: 10.4 oz.

Weight loading capacities: 350 LBs

Materials: Premium coated canvas + 3D breathable fabric