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Traction collars and traction supplies
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Overdoor Traction Kit Overdoor Traction Kit

Kit contains everything needed for patient administered flexion or extension cervical traction

Our Price: $19.99
Apex Cervical Orthosis Apex Cervical Orthosis

The adjustable Apex™ Cervical Orthosis is a convenient tool to assist the healthcare professional in restoring a patient's proper cervical posture.

Our Price: $24.11
Apex Premium Plus Heat Apex Premium Plus Heat

Helps relieve headaches and neck pain associated with whiplash injury, tech neck, and other neck injuries by combining heat to relax muscles, and firm cervical and upper thoracic support to counteract forward head posture.

Our Price: $34.95
NeckPro II Home Traction NeckPro II Home Traction

NeckPro II significantly reduces neck pain and is easy-to-use at home.

Our Price: $92.50
ChiroTrac Cervical Traction Collar 4pk ChiroTrac Cervical Traction Collar 4pk

The ChiroTrac Cervical Traction Collar provides gentle, adjustable traction and relief for certain types of acute or chronic neck pain.

Our Price: $142.00