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Hand held massage tool that is good for trigger points and deep tissue work.

Our Price: $9.95
Jacknobber II Jacknobber II

Unique, multipurpose deep-muscle massage tool, Helpful in applying precise pressure to soft tissue trigger points

Our Price: $9.95

The Original Palmassager is great for hand held massage and trigger points.

Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Savings: $3.00
Original Orbit Massager Orbit Massager

Innovative gliding action of freely rotational ball kneads the muscles in the same way professional massage therapists work to loosen and relax soft tissues, and to encourage circulation

Our Price: $24.95
Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager Tiger Tail

The Tiger Tail rolling muscle massager, is a foam covered, deep tissue massager which can be used on yourself or someone else.

Our Price: $42.99
Sale Price: $36.99
Savings: $6.00
The Therapist's Thumb The Therapist's Thumb

Help protect your thumb and hands from the stress of massage and muscle work.

Our Price: $37.99
Omni Massage Roller Kit Omni Massage Roller Kit

The high mobility of the "omni-directional" ball and easy-grip handle make the Omni Massage Roller a convenient and effective tool for professionals and home users alike.

Our Price: $236.69
Sale Price: $167.04
Savings: $69.65
Jeanie Rub Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager

The best professional hand held massager since 1966.

Our Price: $270.48
Sale Price: $205.48
Savings: $65.00
Equisport Equine Horse Massager Equisport Equine Horse Massager

The Equisports Massager provides a soothing, deep penetrating massage that increases blood flow to assist in rejuvenation of sore, tired, or tense muscles.

Our Price: $270.48
Sale Price: $227.08
Savings: $43.40
CanDo Massage Gun CanDo Massage Gun

Don't let the Massage Gun's weight, at less than 5 lbs., fool you.

Our Price: $350.00
Sale Price: $325.00
Savings: $25.00
FMST Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools FMST Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools

FMST Tools are the soft tissue mobilization tools that can take myo-fascial manipulation and mobilization to the next level in your clinic.

Our Price: $433.00
Sale Price: $389.70
Savings: $43.30
Turbo Saso Digital Massager Turbo Saso Digital Massager

TURBO SASO can be used in the office, clinic, school gym, training room or home.

Our Price: $2,499.00