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Baseline Hand Held Dynamometers Baseline Hand Held Dynamometers

Baseline Dynomometers have been a trusted name in measurement and evaluation instruments all over the world since 1974.

Our Price: $335.00
Commander Echo Console Commander Echo Console Base Kit

Commander Echo is a wireless portable evaluation system bringing advanced levels of sophistication and versatility to outcome assessment equipment. It is a modular system providing the ability to purchase only what you need and the option to add on later.

Only a single console is required to record data for up to 7 different instruments. The console automatically collects data, stores results, computes statistics and automatically prompts for the next test when testing in a series. The Commander Echo Console also has test selection, the ability to delete unwanted information, and more with a simple control-stick operation.

Console Highlights:

  • Large LCD window with easy-to-read characters
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Automatically calculates appropriate statistics
  • Measures in pounds, kilograms, Newtons and degrees
  • Wireless console is independent of the testing device, allowing the tester to review the data during active testing without influencing patient effort.

Our Price: $595.00
Baseline Hand Evaluation 7-piece Set Baseline Hand Evaluation - 7-piece Set - Features Digital Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 300lbs & 60 lb Mechanical Pinch Gauge

The Baseline hand evaluation 7 piece set can be used for both muscle strength testing and functional workplace evaluations.

Our Price: $925.00
S.A.M. Slimline Posture Remote w/ Auto-Lock Scales S.A.M. Slimline Posture Remote w/ Auto-Lock Scales

Great tool to show potential patients their postural imbalances, and great for getting new patients at external marketing events.

Our Price: $1,650.00