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Professional Botanicals is a proudly manufactures their products in the USA.

All ingredients are naturally and ethically sourced and the formulations are uniquely crafted for the best results possible.

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AN-i Oil AN-i Oil

AN-I Oil is the best Topical Bacterial Immune Support.

Our Price: $21.00

BCT Oil is a powerhouse antibacterial fighter to support your body's immune system.

Our Price: $21.00
Dyna D3 Dyna D3

Today, three out of four Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, up from one out of two 20 years ago.

Our Price: $21.00

Essential oils that provide targeted support for pain, anti-inflammatory action and supports the body's ability to repair tissue, reduce bruising, relieve pain and support healing.

Our Price: $21.00
Dyna D3 w/K2 Dyna D3 w/K2

Vitamins D3 and K2 work in synergy to promote healthy bone mineralization and blood vessels.

Our Price: $24.00
Neuro B6 Neuro B6

The nutrients in Neuro B6 help maintain healthy and proper functioning nerve tissue and promote proper water balance within the body.

Our Price: $27.00
Nutritional Foundation Nutritional Foundation

Nutritional Foundation combination of multiple vitamins and minerals make this formula great for overall health.

Our Price: $29.00
Nutra Calm Nutra Calm

Nutra-Calm is an all-natural non-habit forming herbal formula that helps calm and soothe the body.

Our Price: $34.00
Lax-Ease Lax-Ease

Lax-Ease works as a stool softener that uses natural ingredients to maintain strong, healthy muscles in its digestive tract and ease elimination problems.

Our Price: $34.00
Total Comfort Total Comfort Natural Pain Support

Total Comfort offers a natural non-addictive natural pain and fever reducer, without adverse reactions.

Our Price: $34.00
Arthro Joint Complex Arthro Joint Complex ~ Previously Arthro-Mend

Arthro Joint Complex, previously Arthro-Mend with MSM, is a popular choice for people who want to optimize joint mobility.

Our Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $35.00
Savings: $14.00
Relaxall Professional Botanicals Relaxall

Relaxall by Professional Botanicals is formulated to help your body and muscles relax.

Our Price: $39.00
Inflam-X Professional Botanicals Inflam-X

Inflam-X by Professional Botanicals is formulated to reduce inflammation and support your body's natural healing process.

Our Price: $39.00
Adrenal 100 Cortex 75 Professional Botanicals Adrenal 100 Cortex 75

Adrenal 100 Cortex 75 by Professional Botanicals supports nutrient absorption needed for energy and the maintenance of the adrenal system.

Our Price: $39.00
Energi Professional Botanicals Energi

Energi by Professional Botanicals is an all-natural formula containing mood and energy-boosting ingredients that support the body’s energy maintenance.

Our Price: $39.00
Cardio + CoQ Professional Botanicals Cardio + CoQ

Cardio + CoQ by Professional Botanicals supports maintenance of healthy heart muscle, circulation, strength and blood pressure. For Pets Too!

Our Price: $39.00
Attack Attack

Attack provides essential nutrients to kick-start and maintain the immune system to ensure proper defenses.

Our Price: $39.00
Cal/Mg + Boron Cal/Mg + Boron

Cal/Mg Plus Boron is designed to provide the body with a powerful source of Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Vitamin D3.

Our Price: $39.00
Calm Atten Calm Atten

Stop the cycle of anxious behavior and be calm.

Our Price: $39.00
Candida-X2 Candida-X2

Candida-X2 supports your body's natural ability to restore good flora bacteria and eliminate invasive overgrowth and infections.

Our Price: $39.00
Circ-Q Circ-Q

Circ-Q is designed as a natural support to the circulatory system that aids the body in achieving and maintaining healthy circulation.

Our Price: $39.00
Cholestol Gold Cholestol Gold

Helps support healthy cholesterol levels by blocking uptake of cholesterol from the diet and reducing its production.

Our Price: $39.00
Proteo Plus Proteo Plus

Proteo Plus has been the number one recommended choice for pain and inflammation for decades.

Our Price: $39.00
Female Flo Female Flo

Supports healthy menstrual flow and natural pain relief to support discomfort with bloating and painful cramps.

Our Price: $39.00
Female Gland Balance Female Gland Balance

Supports the body's maintenance of healthy, effective hormones essential for female growth and development.

Our Price: $39.00
Green Complex Green Complex

Complex mixture of green super heroes including spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa and micro algae, a pure plant protein that's 20 times more potent than traditional soy or whey protein.

Our Price: $39.00
Liver Detox + Silymarin Liver Detox + Silymarin

Works to support the maintenance of the liver's health, which is needed to handle the stresses of a toxic environment.

Our Price: $39.00
Lungs Mucus Lungs Mucus

Lungs Mucus works to naturally support and cleanse your liungs while reducing congestion and mucus.

Our Price: $39.00
Mental Clarity Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity + supports the brain's ability to energize itself and improve concentration and retention skills.

Our Price: $39.00
Mineral Complex Mineral Complex

Broad spectrum of trace minerals that support the body's ability to maintain health and wellness.

Our Price: $39.00