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Professional Botanicals is a proudly manufactures their products in the USA. All ingredients are naturally and ethically sourced and the formulations are uniquely crafted for the best results possible.
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AN-i Oil AN-i Oil

AN-I Oil is the best Topical Bacterial Immune Support.

Our Price: $21.00

BCT Oil is a powerhouse antibacterial fighter to support your body's immune system.

Our Price: $21.00
Calm Atten Calm Atten

Stop the cycle of anxious behavior and be calm.

Our Price: $29.00
Arthro-Mend with MSM Arthro-Mend with MSM ~ Arthro Joint Complex

Arthro-Mend with MSM is a popular choice for people who want to optimize joint mobility.

Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Savings: $10.00
Adrenal 100 Cortex 75 Professional Botanicals Adrenal 100 Cortex 75

Adrenal 100 Cortex 75 by Professional Botanicals supports nutrient absorption needed for energy and the maintenance of the adrenal system.

Our Price: $34.00
Cal/Mg + Boron Cal/Mg + Boron

Cal/Mg Plus Boron is designed to provide the body with a powerful source of Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Vitamin D3.

Our Price: $34.00
Relaxall Professional Botanicals Relaxall

Relaxall by Professional Botanicals is formulated to help your body and muscles relax.

Our Price: $39.00
Inflam-X Professional Botanicals Inflam-X

Inflam-X by Professional Botanicals is formulated to reduce inflammation and support your body's natural healing process.

Our Price: $39.00
Alive Professional Botanicals Alive

Alive by Professional Botanicals is a comprehensive formula used to maintain healthy management of moodiness, stress, anxious behavior, irritability and fatigue.

Our Price: $39.00
Energi Professional Botanicals Energi

Energi by Professional Botanicals is an all-natural formula containing mood and energy-boosting ingredients that support the body’s energy maintenance.

Our Price: $39.00
Cardio + CoQ Professional Botanicals Cardio + CoQ

Cardio + CoQ by Professional Botanicals supports maintenance of healthy heart muscle, circulation, strength and blood pressure. For Pets Too!

Our Price: $39.00
Attack Attack

Attack provides essential nutrients to kick-start and maintain the immune system to ensure proper defenses.

Our Price: $39.00
Joint Complex Professional Botanicals Joint Complex

Joint Complex by Professional Botanicals is formulated for better absorption and better action in your body.

Our Price: $47.00
Co-Resist Professional Botanicals Co-Resist

This formula is a medicine cabinet essential packed with vitamins and minerals that work to maintain a healthy immune system.

Our Price: $47.00
Adrenal Complex Adrenal Complex

If you ever feel worn out early in the day or find yourself hoping for nap-time at 3 p.m., your adrenal system may be out of sync.

Our Price: $47.00
Immu Guard Professional Botanicals Immu Guard

Immu Guard by Professional Botanicals is formulated to reduce stress and support your immune system.

Our Price: $49.00
Age Rejuve Professional Botanicals Age Rejuve

Age Rejuve by Professional Botanicals boosts your anti-aging efforts and contains a combination of some of the most popular and exciting antioxidants on the market.

Our Price: $49.00
Clear Vision Professional Botanicals Clear Vision

Clear Vision by Professional Botanicals was created not only to support eyes, but also to support healthy metabolism, blood circulation, digestion and liver function—all of which are essential to eye health.

Our Price: $49.00
Eq-Balance Eq-Balance

Eq-Balance contains herbs that work to stabilize and calm the environment when the room doesn't stop spinning.

Our Price: $49.00