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Flora Norm ~ Previously Nutra Biotic

Flora Norm

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Flora Norm ~ Previously Nutra Biotic

Probiotic & Intestinal Support

Flora Norm maintains healthy balance in the intestines to ensure an effective digestive process. Good and bad bacteria cannot effectively coexist in your digestive tract. The bad bacteria cause intestinal troubles, while the good bacteria break food down.

Should I Use Flora Norm?
When your body needs a bacterial recharge, Flora Norm’s 12-Strain Probiotic Mix sends a surge of good bacteria into your gut, supporting the intestinal tract’s ability to properly digest food and help you stay healthy.
There are more than 1,000 different types of bacteria living in your gut. When these bacteria are attacked by certain antibiotics, laxatives, toxins or pathogens, the intestinal tract is inhibited in its ability to break down the food you eat.

How Flora Norm Works
Inside our all-natural Flora Norm formula, you’ll find a powerful blend of probiotics that support your body without the negative side effects that come from using products with harmful or toxic ingredients.
What Makes Flora Norm Unique?
Our Enzyme Delivery System (EDS ®) is a proprietary blend of enzymes that has been added to Flora Norm. This blend harnesses the power of enzymes to improve the body’s absorption of vitamins, co-factors and key ingredients, and improves the body’s absorption of these powerful formulas.
AdPT is a proprietary blend of adaptogens in this formula. Adaptogens are an elite group of botanicals that work on a cellular level to support the body’s ability to function, adjust and perform, especially during times of stress.


  • Powerful Probiotic
  • Supports Intestinal Flora
  • Good Bacteria Support
  • Supporting the intestinal tract's ability to properly digest food and help you stay healthy