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Prep Tonic Detox

Prep Tonic Detox

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Prep Tonic Detox ~ 7-in-1 Total Body Detoxification

  • Ultimate Vitamin and Mineral Combination Formula for Detoxification

This non-explosive program supports the body's ability to cleanse specific organs like kidneys, liver, colon and the lymphatic and digestive systems, replacing built-up toxins with needed vitamins, nutrients, minerals, enzymes and probiotics.

Used by doctors for more than 30 years, this mild, yet comprehensive detoxification program supports the body in receiving the nutritional therapy it needs.

We recommend that every customer complete a detox prior to initiating a nutritional program.

The cleansing and mild detox of the body prepares the system for a stabilization program, and promotes a more effective response to treatment.

The detoxification is most effective when completed every three to four months, or when the seasons change. Keep your body working in optimum condition with the support of our Prep Tonic Detox Program.


  • Ultimate Fiber
  • Ultimate Vita-Min
  • Flora Norm
  • Liver Detox
  • Kidney Support
  • Lymph Detox
  • Di-aide Enzymes