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"Recalculating!" is Bills’ 11th book in the Patient's Point-of-View Series.

Bill finds the trigger points that persist in the headspace of far too many chiropractors, and presses in. He will confront the many outdated beliefs about patients and how to lead them. He will show you the folly of most so-called patient education. He will challenge you to make distinctions with your language, procedures and intent.

The result? Hope where there was discouragement. Opportunity where there was constraint. Action where there was procrastination.

  • Four things to check if your practice income is down – Page 6
  • Why patients are afraid to announce their last visit – Page 95
  • Seven things to do if you’ve been "skinny dipping" – Page 139
  • What to change if you’re hesitant to take a vacation – Page 163
  • Why “caring too much” prevents practice growth – Page 173
  • How to avoid being seduced into offering pain relief – Page 201
  • Five strategies to escape a “roller coaster practice” – Page 213

As Dr. Charles Ward observes in the book’s Introduction, “On my second reading through, I found myself putting this book down from time to time to ask myself, “Is that true? If so, what does it mean in terms of day to day practice? How can I best apply this idea? I urge you to actively do the same. Use it as a springboard to refine what you believe. And why.”