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Let's Face It... It's FRUSTRATING!!
You introduce a product to your customer only to have them tell you they can find it for less on Amazon. You get tired of defending your prices and losing current and future sales.

Your own customized retail products that will reduce your frustration and increase your sales and profits. Imagine your retail space with a line of "Made in USA" products that carry your own brand!

- Easy ordering, FREE Set-up
- Small minimums
- FREE Shipping
- Made in USA
- Satisfaction guarantee

Low Minimums:
Cervical Support Pillow: 12 pcs. / $27.95 ea
6”x10” Hot/Cold Pack: 32 pcs./ 8.50 ea
Cervical Neck Orthosis: 12 pcs. / $16.25 ea

Complete the form below for a FREE color illustration of your products; see how your brand looks before you purchase!