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TRADEFLEX MANUAL FLEXION Tradeflex Manual Flexion Table

The newly engineered TradeFlex Manual Flexion table is a workhorse, giving you and your patients a wide variety of options, from drops and headpieces to height, elevation and even long-axis distraction.

Our Price: $3,101.00
Sale Price: $2,550.00
Savings: $551.00
Manual Flexion Chiropractic Table, Manual Flexion Tables MT-Manual Flexion Chiropractic Table

The MT-Manual Flex Distraction Table combines high-quality and affordability with unmatched dependability.

Our Price: $3,150.00
Sale Price: $2,750.00
Savings: $400.00
Electro-Flex Electric Automatic Flexion Table, Electric Flexion Tables Electro-Flex Electric Automatic Flexion Table

Electro-Flex Distraction Table  includes Padded arm rest, Paper attachments, Caudal bending, Lateral bending, Axial rotation, Variable speed electric bending, Adjustable stroke, Electric plane traction

Our Price: $3,625.00
Sale Price: $3,225.00
Savings: $400.00
TradeFlex Auto Flexion Table TradeFlex Auto Flexion Table

Offering the same great features as our manual flexion model, the newly engineered TradeFlex Electric Flexion table adds the convenience of variable flexion speed and a treatment timer.

Our Price: $5,561.00
Sale Price: $4,425.00
Savings: $1,136.00
Leander 950 Leander 950 Series

Leander 950 Series Motorized Flexion Distraction Chiropractic Table with Variable Height

Our Price: $5,800.00
Sale Price: $5,500.00
Savings: $300.00
ERGOSTYLE FX Flexion Table - ES5820 ERGOSTYLE FX Flexion Table - ES5820

The new design of our ErgoStyle™ FX Flexion table offers full, ultra-smooth counterbalanced flexion, distraction or circumduction, effortlessly meeting the core needs of your practice.

Our Price: $6,488.00
Sale Price: $5,999.00
Savings: $489.00
DOC Decompression Table DOC Decompression Table

The DOC Decompression Table takes your chiropractic practice to the next level

Our Price: $12,103.00