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S.A.M. Slimline Posture Remote w/ Auto-Lock Scales
S.A.M. Slimline Posture Remote w/ Auto-Lock Scales

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S.A.M. Slimline Posture Remote Spinal Analysis Machine w/ Auto-Lock Scales

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Twin-scale device for use in detecting postural imbalances.
Useful for:
  • Initial evaluation of New Patients
  • Public Health Screenings
  • Health Talks
  • Scoliosis Detection Screenings
  • Mall Shows
  • Spinal Care Classes
  • Patient Progress Evaluations

The person being tested stands with one foot on each scale while you the doctor, makes various observations about the weight on each scale and the posture of the patient.

The difference in weight between the two scales shows, postural imbalances, possible subluxations, muscular imbalances side to side, leg length differential, horizontal alignment of the hips and shoulders, vertical misalignment of the hips, spine, and neck, possible scoliosis, and misalignment in the SI joints.

What's Included:
  • Screening Forms Template CD
  • Posture Print ~ Option to quickly produce digital camera printouts
  • All Inclusive Wellness Program
  • Complete Training Manual
  • 5' x 27" "Free Screening" Banner
  • Travel Bag