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William Esteb. Adjusting is the tenth book in the patient's-point-of-view series. And Bill's wit and wisdom just gets sharper and sharper. There's probably something to make just about every chiropractor a bit angry, embarrassed or at least squirm from time to time as they read.

Bill takes pot shots at all the chiropractic sacred cows. From annual care plans and chiropractic colleges to chiropractic consultants and so-called "principled" chiropractors. But this chiropractic advocate always offers up practical, down-to-earth solutions and more resourceful ways of practicing during this time of change.

As Dr. Markson observes in the Introduction, "If you tend to enjoy a succinct and tidy book that mercifully spares you the fluff and filler needed by most authors to reach their page quota, you'll find Adjusting totally refreshing."