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Intelect Legend Stimulator 2 Channel
Intelect Legend Stimulator 2 Channel

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Intelect Legend Stimulator Two Channel System

Maximum portability and simple operation, with many of the features of our larger clinical stimulators, yet a compact size.

  • Four Waveforms (Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt and Russian)
  • LCD Display 1-2-Go Software
✓ Dual-Channel Stimulation - Features two-channel stimulation with independent intensity control of each channel
✓ Versatile Design - Functionally designed to allow connection with ultrasound for combination treatment
✓ Digital Control Digital electronics and tactile touch control panel provide an accurate and reliable user interface.
✓ Large LCD Display - Clear, accurate and instataneous backlit display of all treatment formats and session functions presented in a logical format.
✓ Display controls are logically grouped for easy operation

Standard Accessories:

12213 - Electrotherapy Leadwire Channels 1 & 2
42044 - DURA-STICK II 2.75" (7 cm) Electrodes (4x)


  • Interferential Current: The Interferential waveform consists of two channels, each with a sinusoidal waveform; one of fixed frequency and one of variable frequency.When the four electrodes are positioned so that the two channels cross each other, the waveforms mix within the tissue to produce a train of pulses whose frequencies and amplitude are dependent on the sweep mode, beat frequency and amplitude settings, respectively.
  • Premodulated: The Premodulated waveform is an amplitude modulated sine. wave. This waveform is similar to the beat frequency, or pattern created by Interferential current. In some cases, Premodulated therapy provides a good alternative for Interferential treatment, especially when treating areas of the body where four electrodes can not be utilized.
  • Russian Current: Medium Frequency Bursted Sine Wave The Russian current is a 2,500 Hz sinusoidal carrier wave, interrupted to create a burst of pulses. The burst frequency sets the number of bursts per second, whereas the duty cycle sets the duration of the burst. Russian current produces strong comfortable muscle contractions having the flexibility for use with large and small muscle groups.
  • Twin-Peak High Volt Pulsed Current: The pulse parameters of the Twin-Peak High Volt current are the factors that allow a great variety of physiologic responses. The important benefit is versatility in clinical application. Examples for clinical use include: relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, increasing local blood circulation, muscle re-education, and maintaining or increasing range of motion. Unlike currents with a very long phase duration, the very short pulse duration of the Twin-Peak High Volt current creates comfortable stimulation. The very short pulse duration followed by a very long interpulse interval eliminates the formation of any appreciable chemical effects in the stimulated tissue