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Tri-Core Cervical Pillow Temperature Comfort Zone Material
Tri-Core Comfort Zone Cervical Pillow

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Tri-Core Cervical Pillow Comfort Zone Material

The Industry's #1 Fiber Support Pillow w/ Temperature Comfort Zone Material

Tri-Core® Comfort Zone Pillow ~ Stay In Your Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone pillow delivers the same neck support as a traditional Tri-Core pillow with the added benefit of Outlast® technology. Outlast interacts with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat. Traditional pillows trap body heat and prevent your body from cooling down. The Comfort Zone pillow manages that buildup of heat and allows you to maintain a more balanced temperature. No more kicking off covers or waking up chilled. Measures 24” x 16” (61cm x 41cm); Mid-Core measures 22” x 15” (56cm x 38cm).

Twin Support Lobes

~ Two sizes of lobes provide proper neck support for back sleeping. Each lobe provides a different support level.

Trapezoid Shaped Center

The unique, trapezoid-shaped center, in combination with the twin support lobes, gently cradles your head to support your neck and help restore its normal curvature.
Raised Side Sections

The Tri-Core is designed to help side sleepers, as well. The raised side sections provide the support you need while sleeping on your side. As you roll to your back, the center lets your head nestle for the greatest comfort and support.
Natural Pain Relief

Tension headaches, pain from neck injuries and arthritis are a few of the conditions that can be helped by the proper sleeping posture attained from the Tri-Core Pillow. Airway blockage, a major cause of snoring, also can be helped. Most people experience an increase in sleeping comfort within a couple
of days of using this pillow. Others may require up to two weeks before the neck and back muscles adjust to their proper position.

Which Size Pillow Is Right For Me?

The Tri-Core is available in three sizes to accommodate different sized sleepers:

  • Full Size - Firm & Gentle, 24x16" (61cm x 41cm)
  • Midsize - Firm & Gentle, 22x15" (56cm x 38cm)?

Choose a size:

  • Most adults find the standard size to be appropriate.
  • Smaller framed adults generally find the midsize appropriate.
  • Adolescents and children generally find the petite size to be appropriate.

Choose a firmness:

The difference between standard support (firm) and gentle is subtle. The gentle support option contains less fiber, which slightly reduces the height and firmness of the pillow.

NOTE: If you are new to a cervical support pillow, it may take time to adjust; this is the pillow working to help restore proper cervical curve during sleep.